Friday, May 4, 2012

Engagement Shoot Outfit Fridays! - Texture

Today's outfit is super cute. I saw this great pair of textured shorts and had to make it part of the outfit. I paired it with a long sleeve blouse (it's my rule of thumb that if you wear shorts, you want to be more covered up at the top). The patent leather pumps make this outfit look easy breezy. 

Photo-shoot theme suggestion/s for this outfit 

Some people wonder what the point is to a styled or themed engagement session. My answer to that is, it's all about fun imaginative play.  It's a moment for the couple to play...imagine...and create the perfect scenario to express their personality as a couple. 
Today's outfit would work beautifully for a movie star themed shoot in the city. Check out this engagement session capture by Lesley + Adam photography for your inspiration.


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