Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ceremony Decor

Walking down the aisle is something special. There's a feeling you get when you take that walk towards your soon to be husband, with a sea of loved ones and close friends looking over you. It's's really quite something special. I know some brides opt to elope or go for a court wedding, which is absolutely what love is all about...doing it your own way. You must and at all times love the way you love. There's no wrong or right way of celebrating your love. 
Anyway my dears, I thought I would share ceremony set-ups that I'm just dying over. Check these out:

Photo Credit: Hudson Nichols Photography
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Photo Credit: J. Nichols Photo
Photo Credit: Caroline Tran
Photo Credit: Corbin Gurkin
Photo Credit: Brett & Jessica
Photo Credit: Steve Depino
Photo Credit: Sara Hasstedt

Monday, January 13, 2014

Posh Veils 2014 Collection

Hello my darlings. I hope you had a great weekend? Mine was good;  filled with completing orders and bridal appointments.
So, the Posh Veils 2014 collection is coming out soon. Yes, I can't wait for it to launch. It's filled with romantic pieces that I'm sure you'll love. I pushed the envelope with this collection; adopting different beading techniques and many others. 

The photo-shoot was back in November and it was shot by the incomparable Tara McMullen. The hair and make-up was done by the guru herself, Ivy Lam. Of course I had to work with my darling model Cat August from Gemini Models. She is stunning and super sweet. My photo-shoot assistant was my bff her to bits, thanks boo!

Photo Credit: Tara McMullen Photography

Friday, January 10, 2014

Engagement Outfit Fridays: Cream and 2 Sugars

Today's engagement outfit and session suggestion is solely inspired by the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing in Toronto lately. All I kept thinking, for today's post, is a couple cozied up in bed with a warm cup of tea or coffee. I think it would make for an adorable engagement session that is relaxed, romantic, and super cute. So today's outfit suggestion is, cozy winter socks...yessss!

Photo Credit: 1. Pinterest, 2. Pinterest, 3. Melanie DeFazio Photography
 Theme Suggestion For The Outfit:

A couple snuggling and having breakfast in bed would be the ideal winter engagement session for cozy winter socks. Her in his shirt and warm socks; and he in boxers and a scarf...ah...I love it. It's seriously budget friendly and super warm if you are planning on shooting your engagement session this winter. Take a look at these pictures for inspiration in planning a cozy engagement session:

Photo Source: here
Photo Source: here

Photo Source: here
Photo Source: here
Photo Source: here
Gorgeous right!?


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Common Elements

Hi dolls. Today's blog post is about how you can highlight / repeat a wedding element or wedding theme through-out your wedding. Great ways to incorporate them is in your: stationery, linens, cake, and even your veil. I created these boards to show you veils that tie in nicely to a similar design theme in wedding cakes. Be creative and have fun with it :)
Photo Credit:(Veil)- Tara McMullen Photography; (Cake)-Jose Villa Photography
Photo Credit: (Veil) - Geminie Photography, (Cake): Brooke Schultz

Photo Credit:(Veil)- Tara McMullen Photography; (Cake)- Janae Shields Photography
Photo Credit:(Veil)- Tara McMullen Photography ; (Cake)-Bobbette & Belle
Photo Credit:(Veil)- Tara McMullen Photography; (Cake)-Louisa Bailey Photography


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I was oohing and ahing over some bouquets the other day. A lot of things put a smile on my face and flowers are one of them :)
These bouquets are just too stunning not to share with you all. Check them out:
Photo Credit: Elisa B. Photography
Photo Credit: Jenna Henderson Photography
Photo Credit: Jessica Burke Photography

Photo Credit: Kelsey Combe Photography
Photo Credit: Kristine Curtis Photography

Photo Credit: KT Merry Photography
Photo Credit: Leila Brewster Photography

Photo Credit: Vicky Starz Photography Florals: Sweet Woodruff
Photo Credit: Xavier Navarro

Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's Rock 2014!

Happy New Year my darlings!! 2013 was an awesome year for me. I managed to move my business from a home based business into a studio downtown Toronto...yay! I also had the awesome pleasure of working with wonderful vendors and brides in 2013. My business grew last year and I hope with your continued support and love I can continue to take the Posh Veils brand to the next level. Thank you all for your love and support and hope to continue to serve my brides with the best care and service. 

Your support inspires me; thank you. Let's rock 2014!!!