Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Groom Looks

The groom!!! That's what it's all about today. Forget boring tuxes with a cummaband. We are talking about stylish suits with tons of personality. Today's grooms have more freedom to wear something that suits their personality and everyday style. 

Brides have become more flexible with letting their men wear what they want. I remember when all the groom had to do on his wedding day, was show up. Now he gets to choose his outfit too :) 

Check out these awesome groom looks:
Photo Credit: Reego
Photo Credit: Dorothy Gautreaux Photography

Photo Credit:  Alicia Lucia Photography
Photo Credit: Marion H. Photography

Photo Credit: KT Merry Photography

Photo via: Wedding Wire


Monday, March 30, 2015

My Two Favorite Toronto Florists

I am in love with beautifully-unruly bouquets. Well, at least that's what I call them...hehehe. They give me life. 

It is so interesting to see the amazing things wedding floral artists do with what we once thought was the norm. Gone are the days of boring bouquets. We now have art, people!

Two of my absolute favorite florists in Toronto are: Lisa from (Sweet Woodruff) and Becky from (Blush and Bloom). 

Check this out:

Photo Credit: Katya Leclerc

Photo Credit: When He Found Her
Photo Credit: When He Found Her

Photo Credit: Heidi Lau Photography
Photo Credit: Elizabeth in Love
Photo Credit: Wild Eyed Photography


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wedding Details - Fruit

It's always exciting to see how wedding stylists/planners/designers style centerpieces and place settings. They come up with the neatest and coolest ideas. 

Every year brings something new to the industry...something trendy or completely unique. Remember when mason jars were the IT item!? Every other wedding had a mason jar, clear glass or painted up. Loved that trend! However, trends die and we look for the next great creative idea.

One design element that I will never tire of, is fruit. Fruit creatively used throughout the wedding is timeless to me. 

Check out some of these fruity ideas: 

Photography: O'Malley Photographers
Photography: Sarah Box Photography
Photography: O'Malley Photographers
Photography: Heather Payne Photography
Photography: Belle And Beau Fine Art Photography
Photography: Katie Stoops Photography
Photography: Ashley Seawell Photography 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Blush Wedding Dresses

I have always loved the idea that a bride can wear whatever color dress she wants on her big day. Traditional restrictions of only white or ivory are long gone. Now, it's about choice, and personality preference. Well, that's if mommy or mommy-in-law approve that is :) 

I have always favored ivory over white. However, I am increasingly falling for blush. It is so dreamy and I die a slow and beautiful death whenever I see a real bride in blush. 

Here are gowns that give such a sweet sweet death :)  *death by prettiness*:
Photography: Jose Villa
Photography: Blaine Siesser Photography
Photography: Laura Murray Photography
Photography: Jose Villa
Photography: Caroline Tran
Photography: Melanie Duerkopp
Photography: Janine Deanna Photography