Friday, November 1, 2013

Engagement Outfit Fridays: Fall/Winter Perfection

I know summer brings more options for engagement shoot sessions compared to Fall and Winter but Fall/Winter sessions can also be beautiful. An engagement session on a rainy day or even a cold winters day can be as romantic as a summer session. It's all in the attitude and mood you create. I've seen campfire shoots, rainy day shoots with kisses under the can totally make it work.

I love layered looks for Fall and Winter; amazing coats, sweaters and  boots, what's  not to love!? For today's outfit suggestions, I chose three layered looks that are not only cozy but stylish as well. Check these out:

Source / Credit: 1. Barcroft Media, 2. Fashion and Crafts, 3. Women Fashion Galaxy

Theme Suggestion For The Outfit:
Here's a great example of a winter engagement session. The theme was skiing. This shoot is beautifully captured by Emily Steffen. How amazing is the shoot and the couple!? To see more of this shoot, please head on over to Emily Steffen's website

Photos below by: Emily Steffen