Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bottle the Pretty

Like the next girl, I love flowers...I mean, I really love flowers. I can just look at them and instantly cheer up. I guess that's why men around the world know to buy a woman flowers to bring a smile to her face. My absolute favorite flower has to be the peony; it's fluffy, with large petals.

Today, I want to blog about a trend that I have fallen in love with; the idea of using jars and bottles to hold flowers. There's something so beautiful about using an ordinary bottle or jar to showcase beautiful flowers instead of a vase. I think it's a brilliant idea!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Featured Item]: Peacock Feather Fascinator

Today's feature is a fascinator I made for a very lovely mother-of-the-bride this past September. Along with four other guests attending the same wedding, I had a consultation with her to discuss the headpiece she envisioned wearing to her daughter's wedding. 

Margaret totally fell in love with the mini teardrop shaped fascinator base. So from there, I had a jumping off point to work with. We established that she wanted to match the color of the headpiece to her dress - burgundy. Luckily, she had extra fabric from her dress that I took and used to cover the teardrop base.  When I started making the piece, I knew I wanted to use feathers and a button accent. I was delighted when I found a burgundy dyed peacock feather...I knew instantly I had to use it. I'm happy to say, Margaret loved the piece. 
Here it is for you all to see:

Image Credit: The above images were photographed by me with my Nikon D5100 :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding Personality

I think what makes a wedding special is the personality it has. I believe that the bride and groom should make it a point to let their personalities shine through on their big day regardless of: religion, tradition, and differing cultural or racial backgrounds. 

Everything I see at a wedding is a reflection of the couple's personalities: the color choice, the flower arrangements, the food, the type of music being played, the bridal attire, the venue...everything. I think that's why I love weddings so much; they're also a union of personalities.

You don't have to do what's trendy or popular. You only have to do what you're happy with. Basically, just do you. 

Here are some touches and elements seemingly ordinary that are an example of a couple's personality:

Image Credit: Adeline and Grace Photography
Image Credit: Carrie Patterson Photography
Image Credit: Frenzel Photographers
Image Credit: Justin & Mary Photography
Image Credit: Nashan Photographers
Image Credit: Milk Photography
Image Credit: Olivia Leigh Photographie
Image Credit: Stephen Pappas Photography
Image Credit: Warm Pears Photography
Image Credit: Orange Turtle Photography
Image Credit: We Heart Photography
Image Credit: What Shanni Saw Photography

Friday, November 25, 2011

Engagement Shoot Outfit Fridays! - Jeans and Jewelry

I would describe today's engagement outfit as casual chic. I put together a fun mix of accessories - earrings, locket, belt, clutch, ring, and a bangle. When it comes to your jewelry, you can mix metals - silver with gold, and you can also mix gems - emeralds with rubies. Depending on how you dress your jeans, you can achieve a variety of looks. Oh, aren't the shoes just to die for?!

Today's photo shoot location suggestion/idea is the carnival. It's such a great idea that I simply had to share with you. The outfit idea above is dressy enough to make the shoot mature and sexy.  Check out the images below:
Image Credit: Paige Newton Photography

Image Credit: Dawn Boyce Photography

Image Credit: Dawn Boyce Photography

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a Fantastic Little Drink!

As a young kid growing up in Zimbabwe, I don't ever remember going to a celebration that didn't serve Coca-Cola. If you had Coca-Cola at your event, it was almost certain your guests were going to have a good time. That's why to me, Coca-Cola at parties has always represented: celebration, joy, and happiness. It's such a delight to see that the same goes in North America! 

Here are images of Coca-Cola being served at past weddings:

Image Credit: Stephen DeVries Photography
Image Credit: Allison Davis Photography
Image Credit: Beaux Arts Photography
Image Credit: Elle Jae Weddings Photography
Image Credit: Laura Ivanova Photography
Image Credit: Rachel Barker Photography
Image Credit: Red Ribbon Studio Photography

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lace, I love Thee

Every time I come across an image of a Rosa Clara gown, I get weak in the knees. Not only do I love the the whole 2012 collection, I particularly love the way the designer uses lace! Oh, the lace! One of my favorite things to do when I go fabric shopping is to look at all the lace my suppliers bring in. I love lace. I know some people think lace is old and stuffy but I beg to differ. Lace is classic and timeless.
Oh Lace, how I love thee:

 All gorgeous images via:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ceremony Decor - On a Shoestring Budget

I know that planning a wedding on a strict shoestring budget is tough. You see something on a wedding blog, you want it for your own wedding, and then you realize that it's way over your budget. It's hard to keep within a budget with so much inspiration floating around. But the truth is, it's easier now to have a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget too. Brides are becoming more creative nowadays. Wedding blogs and forums are great places to find and  share tips and ideas on discounted stuff. They are also a great place to find links or tips to DIY wedding projects. 
The first venue to get budget cuts when planning a wedding on a shoestring budget is the ceremony venue. I know it's probably because it's the venue you will spend the shortest amount of time. However, the ceremony is the venue that sets the mood and first impression for the entire wedding. Try your best to make your ceremony venue pretty.
Fresh flowers are always the better option. To stay within a budget, consider choosing your decor theme around the flower that is in season at the time you get married. Visit your chosen/favorite florist and ask her about the flowers that are affordable and will be in season at the time of your wedding. Ask to see it or them, and consider if you are open to building your decor theme around that flower or flowers.  A good florist will create something beautiful with that flower.  Also, consider using decor that can also be used at the reception venue. Flowers can easily be transported from the ceremony venue to be used as part of the decor at the reception venue or in the cocktail room. 

Think about it and decide. Here are beautiful ceremony shots I just had to share with you:
Left: Image Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography                                  Right: Image Credit: Henry Photography
Image Credit: Tara Welch Photography

Left: Image Credit: Photoshoots Vallarta                                          Right: Image Credit: Lauren Brook Photography

Image Credit: Traci Griffin Photography
Left: Image Credit: Michael & Anna Costa Photographers         Right: Image Credit: Matt Edge Wedding Photography

Image Credit: Lori Gail Photography

Left: Image Credit: Three Nails Photography                               Right: Image Credit: Mike Colon Photography

Image Credit: Eclatante Event Design