Friday, January 27, 2012

♥ Elie Saab Spring 2012 ♥

When something is really pretty, I sometimes cry. It's the same cry I do for romantic flicks. I was crying when I was looking at Elie Saab's stunning and ridiculously gorgeous 2012 Spring collection. The gowns and cocktail dresses drape the woman's body so beautifully and flow so elegantly. The lovely array of: coral, soft pink, mint green, cool blue... ...I am in love with this man! 

Take a look for yourself:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seats for Mr. and Mrs.

Have you put much thought into labeling your seats on your wedding day? I think it's a lovely idea. You can label them any way you want. What I've normally seen is: initials, flower arrangements, the classic "Mr." and "Mrs." signs, or even the "Bride" and "Groom" signs. If you're a creative person, the seating signage is that extra decor touch that can be turned into a romantic DIY project for you and hubby (if he's willing that is).

Here are lovely examples of labelled seating:
Image Credit: Annalie Young Photography
Image Credit: Lane Dittoe Photography
Image Credit: Lisa Boggs Photography
Image Credit: Lisa Franchot Photography
Image Credit: Jill Thomas Photography
Image Credit: Brooke Boling Photography
Image Credit: Heather Kincaid Photographer
Image Credit: Katie Neal Photo
Image Credit: Scobey Photography for Carla Ten Eyck

Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Real Posh Veils' Brides

2011 was a great year. I managed to create pieces for some amazing brides. I love what I do and I love making sure my brides are happy.  Here are images of some of the stunning brides I created for in 2011. I just know 2012 will be a great year! 
PS. A big thank you to all the beautiful brides that shared their images with me :)

Image Credit: Harvard Photo Wedding Photography - Simon Tanenbaum
Feedback from Colleen about her veil: 
"The veil was amazing, I loved wearing it!  I ended up using the flower for the reception and just the veil for the ceremony.  Would definitely recommend your veils to a friend: your promptness and service was excellent..."

Image Credit: Unveil Wedding Photography
Feedback from Andrea: 
"Hi sharon, The piece is wonderful. Thank you very much..."

Image Source: Provided by the bride
Feedback from Adanna:
"I was only about a month away from my wedding date when I contacted  Sharon at Posh Veils. She was extremely professional, very detailed  and informed me of all the necessary information I needed. I had  been searching for an inexpensive veil for months and when I came  across this veil, I fell in love. It was so couture and what I  pictured my veil to look like. I received the veil on time and it  was exactly as pictured. Since I have no need for the veil anymore,  I now use the rhinestone piece as a broach and still get compliments  from people till this day. Thank you Sharon for making me look gorgeous on my wedding day."

Image Credit: Claire Eliza Photography
Feedback from the Monique:
"The veil was perfect - I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it when I saw it on your website :-)..." 

Image Credit: Darren Hull Studios

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flower Bouquets

I love flower bouquets. I see them as any accessory you'd choose for your wedding look: shoes, earrings, necklace, etc. However, unlike your wedding shoes, and jewelry, the flower bouquet arrangement is usually based on the decor decisions and not your dress. The flowers that usually end up on your bouquet are probably the same type of flowers that you've chosen to use on the centerpieces at the church and/or the reception venue. 

Some brides choose to have an assortment of flowers and colors on their bouquet, and others choose to have one type of flower and one color scheme. Whatever you decide on, make sure the shape and size of the bouquet works well with your overall wedding look.

Here are gorgeous images of bouquets for your inspiration:
Image Credit: 1.Corbin Gurkin Photography       2.Heather Waraksa
Image Credit: 1.Joey Kennedy Photography     2.Heidi Ryder Photography
Image Credit: 1.KT Merry Photography      2.Mike Larson Photographers
Image Credit: 1.Mastin Studio Photography       2.Picotte Weddings Photorgraphy
Image Credit: 1.Gabe Aceves Photography     2.Gia Canali Photography
Image Credit: 1.Tanja Lippert Photography     2.What Shanni Saw Photography
Image Credit: 1.Stephen Pappas Photography     2.Theo Milo Photography

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Proposal

A lot of couples get engaged over the holidays. If you're one of them, congratulations!!
Proposals are getting more and more creative nowadays. You just need to Google proposal videos to see what I mean. I can watch proposal videos all day and I'll manage to tear up for each one. I can't help it, I'm a helpless romantic...I'm the girl that's watched The Notebook a gazillion times. 
Whether your fiance proposed to you in your living room, or in Central Park in New York, the proposal can be just as meaningful and special. Your man asking you to spend the rest of your lives together is special no matter where he kneels down to ask you. Creativity of how a boy will ask a girl to marry him will vary from couple to couple. I think what you have to hold dear is the man and the heartfelt feelings behind the proposal.
Here is a great example of a goofy and heartfelt creative're gonna love it!

- Incredible Video Credit: Crazy Monkey Studio via YouTube.