Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wedding Flower Budget

If there's one item on your wedding budget your fiance probably cannot understand or belittles, it's your flower budget. He probably doesn't understand why you have to pay so much for something that will "just die".

Well, sadly, a lot of people, other than a fellow bride-to-be, and your wedding vendors will understand the importance of having flowers at your wedding. That's okay, you're not crazy.

If your favorite flower is too expensive, consider just using your favorite flower in your bouquet, and on your table only. Choose a more affordable and complementary flower for the rest of the decor and bridesmaids. A good florist will be happy to come up with alternative options.

I could stare at flowers and pictures of flowers all day. I LOVE flowers [insert girliest shriek here].

Check out these gorgeous free flowing and loosely structured bouquets. Aren't they lovely?

Photography: Jess Barfield Flowers: The Southern Table

Photography: Hello Blue Photo Flowers: Julep Bloom Design
Photography: Kayla Barker Flowers: Bows and Arrows
Photography: The Grovers  Flowers: Olive Willow Designs
Photography: Tenth and Grace  Flowers: Chloe & Mint
Photography: Katie Lopez  Flowers: Anthology Co.
Photography: Sawyer Baird  Flowers: Wrennwood Design
Photography: Michele Beckwith  Flowers: Aubriana Kasper Of The Bloomery Co


This veil takes days to make. It requires delicate handwork. The leaves are made from silk and the vine branches are made from silk cording. I create a pattern that I repeat. It's a big task whenever I get an order for this Vine Veil.

Photo Credit: Posh Veils

Monday, July 18, 2016


I get into a trance when I'm sewing. I feel good, I'm calm, and I'm happy. I really do love sewing. Veils are my favorite to make because I get to use a needle and thread. The lace trims take the longest. Well, actually no, the tiny flowers I did for the Petals and Pearls veil has to be the most tiring embellishment work I have done to date.

Wire work, like the bridal vines and combs are fun too but holding a needle and thread is where my heart is. 
Photo Credit: Tara McMullen Photography


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wedding Sparrow Feature

It's always nice when I partner with other wedding vendors for a workshop or a creative shoot. Great magic happens :)
I had the pleasure of seeing Holeigh Abercrombie's pictures from the Boheme Workshop published on the Wedding Sparrow blog.

Holeigh's images are stunning. I really like her style and I know she and I will work together soon. To see the whole feature, click on this link: Wedding Sparrow Feature.

Holeigh is super talented and I love these images she captured:

Vendor Details

Photography: Holeigh V Photography | Film Lab: Photovision Lab | Stylist & Planner: Lele Chan | Floral Designer: Celsia Floral | Dress Designer: Samuelle Couture & Ines Di Santo | Accessories: Cavalier | Venue: Hycroft Manor | Cake Designer: Anna Elizabeth Cakes | Hair & Makeup Artist: MUAH Artistry | Workshop: Boheme Workshops | Table Decor: Plate Occasions | Rug & Table Decor: The Cross Decor & Design | Linens: Covers Couture | Chairs: Chintz | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Calligraphy & Stationery: Calligraphy by Christine | Suit: Indochino | Draping: Taffeta Designs | Shoes: Valentino | Veil: Posh Veils | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Veil Trims

I was working in my studio the other day, when I glanced over to my rack of veils and noticed the various types of trims I use. It's exciting the things we can do with veils nowadays. Veils come in all sorts of colors and with all sorts of trims and embellishments. Ahhhh...I love it :)
Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda

Friday, April 1, 2016

Veils with lace trim

A lot of brides love the idea of lace on their veil. It's one of the most classic and timeless trim options. 

I get a lot of custom veil orders with customizations ranging from: length of the veil, color, width of the veil, as well as what kind of lace to put all along the edge of the veil. 

Lace can come in so many designs and widths. The decision to use narrow or wide lace really depends on the dress, and what look a bride is going for. Thinner lace is more delicate and romantic. Bolder, wider lace, is grander and dramatic. 

I love helping brides choose the perfect lace for their dress and theme. Here is picture of sweet delicate lace on short drop veil. 

I will talk more about styles of veils as time goes on: 

Photo Credit: Posh Veils


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Real Posh Veils Bride - Brittany

I love how Brittany (also an awesome photographer by the way) had the chance to do a romantic boudoir-esque shoot in her veil and floral crown. There's something so ethereal about how beautifully she was captured.
I love this image below! 

Photo Credit: Jessica Rose Photo
Veil: Posh Veils
Flower Crown: Blush and Bloom