Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bouquet Love

Bouquets, just like earrings and a necklace, are an accessory to your wedding day look. The flowers, colors, and design has to work with your dress and entire look. If you've ever fallen in love with an image of a bride holding her bouquet, it's because her bouquet was the best accessory for her look. 
Picking flowers at random will not work as beautifully as a bouquet designed specifically for you by a florist. If you're going to have a fresh flower bouquet, how it looks and works with your look matters!  Check out these beauties:
Photo Credit: Half Orange Photography
Photo Credit: Heather Waraksa
Photo Credit: Melissa Schollaert Photography
Photo Credit: Jason Walz Photography
Photo Credit: Pictilio
Photo Credit: Joann Arruda Photography
Photo Credit: Lindsay Carole Photography
Photo Credit: Katherine O'Brien Photography

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