Friday, February 27, 2015

The Long and Short of It

I remember when I was planning my wedding in 2009. I wasn't sure of what length dresses to choose for my bridesmaids. It's such a tough decision because you have to think about:
  •  time of year - summer, spring, fall, or winter
  •  the comfort levels of your bridesmaids
  •  the price of the dresses
  •  the location of your wedding
  •  your wedding theme
Frankly, it's a little overwhelming. I guess that's why some brides just choose a color and let their bridesmaids choose their own dress. It makes so much sense. However, some brides like uniformity. There is no wrong or right way to throw your wedding. It is always and will always be about you and your groom. 

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses should become easier if you come up with the three core decisions about the dresses: 
  1. long or short, or both
  2. the theme (garden wedding, beach wedding, black-tie affair, etc) 
  3. the color
Once you have those decisions in place, it becomes easier to search for dresses within your criteria. 

Take a look at these dresses or inspiration:

Photography: KT Merry
Photography: Kay English
Photography: Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs
Photography: Jeff Sampson Photography
Photography: Lisa Pires - Love Note Photography
Photography: Josh Elliott 


Thursday, February 26, 2015


When you're a mother and a small business owner it gets kinda busy around my place. With that said, it's plain to see I've done a horrendous job of blogging. I can't understand why though, when I love writing and sharing the good stuff so much!

It's 2015, Happy New Year and all that good stuff :) Should I even promise to write daily? No, I won't do that. I will promise to TRY and post daily, how about that :)? 

2015 started off well, then it went a bit south as I was battling some personal life challenges. But, I am back now! Happier, healthier, and sure of what I want in my life and for the future. I moved studios in January...yep! It's a bigger space and it's full of natural light. I'm going to do some incredible work there this Spring and Summer. I just know it. 

Take a look at the new space and tell me you don't love it!

Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda

Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda
Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda

Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda
Photo Credit: Sharon Chironda