Thursday, October 31, 2013

That's So Printy

There are some trends that begin in home decor or fashion that swiftly move to the wedding industry. Chevron, bold prints, and use of color-blocking are just a few we've seen recently. These trends may die out in home decor or fashion but you'll find that they'll continue in weddings for quite some time. When they cease to be popular in the fashion world, some remain to become a classic in the wedding industry. 

I was recently looking through place settings and was quickly drawn to the use of bold print. I know in the past we've normally seen the classic damask print, but print has been revamped in weddings. Check these out:
Photo Credit: Birds Of A Feather Photography

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd
Photo Credit: Chelsea Scanlan Photography
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Photo Credit: Gladys Jem Photography

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star
Photo Credit: Joielala Photographie

Photo Credit: Michael Moss Photography
Photo Credit: Michelle March Photography
Photo Credit: Onelove Photography
Photo Credit: Anna Delores Photography