Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Board # 3: Blush Pink

Happy Tuesday my dears! Here's board #3 inspired by the "Birdcage and Blooms" headpiece. This is one of my favorite pieces that's received a lot of love on Pinterest.
Over the years, I've discovered that I enjoy being feminine. There's something about blush pink that just screams feminine to me.
As always, may you forever be inspired.
Photo Credit: 1. Posh Veils headpiece - (Geminie Photography), 2. Shoes -  (Photo Pink), 3. Centerpiece decor  - (Jose Villa), 4. Cupcake - (Vicky Starz), 5. Macaroons - (Elizabeth Messina), 6.  Bridesmaids Dresses - (Jose Villa), 7. Bouquet - (Stephen Pappas).


  1. They are aren't they!? I saw them and simply had to share them on this board :)