Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Marigold

Happy Wedding Color Wednesday! Today's color is marigold. It's vibrant and jolly. If you're thinking of using marigold as your primary color, you must pair it with a neutral color. Marigold is such a bossy color that would work best as an accent color or paired with white, ivory, cream, and gray. Check out these amazing marigold inspirations. 
As always, may you forever be inspired :) 

Photo Credit: Left - Unknown,  Right - Dave Robbins Photography
Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Photo Credit: Flowers - Dave Robbins Photography, Drinks - Ken Kienow Photography
Photo Credit: Dave Robbins Photography
Photo Credit: Straws - Holland Photo Arts , Cage - Elizabeth Messina
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Photo Credit: Patricia Kantzos Photography ,  Wand - Krissy Allori Photography Courtney Jade Photography
Photo Credit:Krissy Allori Photography Courtney Jade Photography

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