Monday, July 16, 2012

Naked Cakes...Ooh la la!

I have a confession to make. I'm a scrapper. I scrape off icing from a piece of cake, glaze from doughnuts, and frosting on cupcakes. I've been this way ever-since I was a little kid. Icing, frosting, and glaze are too sweet for me:( I love looking at icing and frosting on cakes, but I can't handle the sweetness. The best I can do is whipped cream.
I don't feel as guilty as I used to about not enjoying icing and frosting like others do. When I first saw the naked cake trend, I was delighted. It confirmed to me that I was not alone. There are probably many people out there that are just like me. Scrappers just like me!!! Why else would this trend take off? Anyway, I love the naked cake idea not just because I'm a scrapper. It's such an innovative idea for a wedding cake. 
If you're thinking of this trend for your own wedding, I say go for it! I would like to believe it would be an affordable option since there's not much decorating and icing detail work for your cake-maker to do. The key to pulling off a magnificent naked cake are the decorations that end up on the cake. Most naked cakes are decorated with flowers, fruits, and unique cake toppers. In some instances, the filling acts as decoration too!

Naked never looked so good:
Photo Credit: Unknown
Photo Credit: Maisie Fantaisie
Photo Credit: Marianne Wilson
Photo Credit: Natalie Bell
Photo Credit: Sarah McKenzie
Photo Credit: Stewart Leishman
Photo Credit: OK Magazine

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