Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Hot Pink

Hot Pink! That's our color for today's Wedding Color Wednesday. It's vibrant and lively. It's very popular for weddings and I can totally see why. If you're thinking of using it as a primary color, you must pair it with a light color: white, cream, and light pinks. It's not a color that can share the spotlight with another bold color. However, when used as an accent color, it works well with other bold colors.

Check out how hot pink was used in these wonderful inspirations:

Photo Credit: Left - A Southern Soiree, Right - Erich McVey Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Christian Oth Studios, Right - Aaron Delesie Photographer
Photo Credit: Kate Webber Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Ashley Davis Photography, Right - Picotte Photography
Photo Credit: License to Still
Photo Credit: Alexandra Meseke Photography
Photo Credit: Left - The Nichols, Right -We Heart Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Gina Meola, Right - Kate Webber Photography
Photo Credit: Jen Lynne Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Angie Silvy Photography, Right - She-n-He Photography

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