Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Silver

Happy Wedding Color Wednesday! Today's color is silver. 
Silver is commonly used as an accent color: vases, chairs, candlesticks, and all that other good stuff. I think it's a great option as a primary color for the girl that loves sparkle...also, it pairs up nicely with other colors.
Check out the incredible silver inspirations below. My favorite one, is the sparkly sequin divine!

May you forever be inspired.

Photo Credit:  Left - The Nichols , Right -  Jennifer Images
Photo Credit: Left - Smallpigart Photography, Right - Yvette Roman
Photo Credit: Scott Andrew Studio
Photo Credit: Emily Steffen
Photo Credit: Left - KT Merry Photography, Right - joielala photographie
Photo Credit: Left - Docuvitae , Right - NK Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Adeline & Grace Photography, Right - Emily Steffen
Photo Credit: Left - Amy and Stuart Photogrpahy, Right - Yummy Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Left - Scott Andrew Studio, Right - Kristen Weaver Photography

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