Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty Foliage

Good day my pretties! 
A lot of brides give up on using real flowers on their wedding day because of the cost. But before rushing to use lava-lamps as your centerpieces...have you considered using foliage for your centerpieces? It's an affordable option that a creative florist could turn into something stunning. Adding painted planters / pots or adding fruit to the foliage could add color and interest. You could use sparkly glitter pain on a planter and instantly you take foliage from blah to glam! Keep an open mind and see how you can make foliage work into your decor.
To give you a bit of inspiration, take a look at these:
Photo Credit: Jen Fariello Photography
Photo Credit:Jasmine Star Photography
Photo Credit:Jen Fariello Photography
Photo Credit:Amanda K Photography
Photo Credit:Docuvitae Photography
Photo Credit:Red Fly Studio
Photo Credit:Sara Remington

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