Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Crimson

Happy Wedding Color Wednesday! Today's color is crimson. 
Like most bold colors, crimson should be used tastefully. As a rule of thumb, if your primary wedding color is bold, you have to decide whether you'll use it for the decor, or if you'll use it for the bridesmaids dresses. Using a bold decor color for your tablecloths and then choosing to dress your bridesmaids in the same color is an example oexcessive use of color.

Crimson is great with lighter colors. Always remember that when you have a dark color, you have to balance it with lighter colors. You don't have to stick to one or two colors for your wedding day. You can have five or six different colors that work well with each other. Look at a color wheel to see what colors compliment your primary color. 

As always my pretties, may you forever be inspired. 
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hunter Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Paperlily Photography , Right Nancy Ray Photography
Photo Credit: Left -Beaux Arts Photographie , Right Lauren Brooks
Photo Credit: Left - Aaron Delesie, Right Summer Street Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Heather Waraksa, Right Summer Street Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Lemon Fresh Designs, Right Summer Street Photography
Photo Credit: Left - Tory Williams, Right Jen Rodriguez Photography
Photo Credit: Twin Lens

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