Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo-Shoot Prep: Where to do the shoot?

As promised to give details on the prep work that took place for the shoot, today's post is about choosing the location for the shoot.
During my first meeting with Cristina Alt from Geminie Photography, we agreed that the shoot had to be held at the Gladstone Hotel. I had thought of a couple of studios in the downtown Toronto area I had used in the past but Cristina highly recommended we use Gladstone. I'm glad she did because it turned out to be the best location.

Cristina and I made a date to go and see the studio rooms available for rent at the Gladstone Hotel sometime in January. We decided to do this on a Sunday and threw in a brunch as well. We brought our hubbies and our little girls along and we had a nice brunch listening to a local folk band at the Melody Bar inside Gladstone Hotel.  

We managed to slip away to check the available rooms whilst the guys and the babies got more acquainted with each other. The first room we saw was okay, but it wasn't what we were looking for because it didn't have enough natural light. The second room we saw, studio room 207 was perfect! It had two large windows on the south-side and the west-side. I was pleased to find out it was available for our chosen date of Feb. 11th. As soon as I got home, I sent an email to book the room.  

Tomorrow, I'll continue the story of how we pulled of the best shoot ever!

Here are pictures of room 207:

 Image Credit: Images taken with my Blackberry

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