Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo-Shoot Prep: Wallpaper

After hearing that the wallpaper Cristina and I had found was out of stock, I had to find a replacement. Because time was ticking, I decided to commit to another full day of seriously looking for the decor items. 

I went around to so many shops snapping pictures to remind myself of what I saw. I knew the first place I had to start was wallpaper. I went to a Benjamin Moore paint dealer on Queen Street to search the vast collection of wallpaper catalogs. I was there for 45 minutes thumbing through books looking for pretty wallpaper. I had to narrow down a new color scheme and decide what would work with the: chalkboard I planned on making, the flowers I'd asked the florist to arrange, the headpieces...I thought about everything and how it would all come together. 

I decided on a particular wallpaper in one of the catalogs. I inquired about the ordering process and they told me it would take about a week to get the wallpaper with a $40 rush order fee. I needed to think about the wallpaper I was falling for without the pressure of other gorgeous wallpaper options around me; so I took the catalog home for 48 hours. I knew I'd found the wallpaper I wanted but needed to be sure...I needed to think about it a little bit more.

Soon after leaving the wallpaper store, I decided to head over to Home Depot to check out one more time what wallpaper options they had. You won't believe what happened then. I went to the wallpaper section in Home Depot and found the exact wallpaper I was falling for. They had it in stock and in the color I was strongly leaning towards. It was a sign! I had to get. The debate was over. I had my wallpaper. I order 4 rolls and walked out of Home Depot a happy camper :)

I am not going to reveal the actual color I chose...I want that to be a surprise when the collection launches. I will however, show you the design in three colors and leave you guessing which color I went with :) 
Wallpaper Option A
Wallpaper Option B
Wallpaper Option C
Image Credit: All images taken by me with my Blackberry phone

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