Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo-Shoot Prep: Chalkboard

I had the idea of including a chalkboard as part of the set design from the beginning. I liked the youthful and playful element a chalkboard would bring to the set.

I remember everyone oohing and ah-hing  whenever I mentioned the dimensions of the chalkboard I had in mind: 4ft by 7ft. Yep, it was big! At first, I searched the net for a chalkboard of that size but could not find one. With most craft projects, if I cannot find it, I will try and make it myself.  I had a plan and a vision of exactly what I wanted so it was actually a fun project for me. 

I went to Home Depot (gotta love Home Depot) and asked their very friendly staff about the types of hardwood boards I could use for my project. After talking to the lumber department about the type of board I needed, and after talking to the paint department about the type of paint I could use for the board that was recommended, I went with 3/4 inch plywood good-on-one-side. The  board came in 4ft by 8ft measurements, so I had them cut it down to 7ft. 

To turn the plywood board into a chalkboard, I needed chalkboard paint. I had read on Martha Stewart's blog about making your own custom color chalkboard paint by mixing regular wall paint  with unsanded tiling grout. I was excited about trying it. The paint department at Home Depot mixed a custom color that I chose to go with the wallpaper. Following how to make the custom chalkboard instructions was quite easy. I painted the board with 2 coats of paint and waited for it to dry. I tested the board as soon as it dried and I was ecstatic. It works y'all! It really works. I had my 4ft by 7ft chalkboard! It was now ready for its next phase with the super amazing and talented florist Lisa from Sweet Woodruff; who prettied it up with flowers. Yes, flowers!!! I will blog about that tomorrow :)

Here are pictures of my chalkboard project. Once again, I will not reveal to you yet how it actually looked when it was on the photo-shoot set. It want it to be a surprise if you haven't seen sneak pics of it yet :)
Selecting the board

Sanding the board

Custom Paint Mix

First Roll

Second Roll

All Painted!
Image Credit: All images taken using my Blackberry phone.

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