Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo-Shoot Prep: Sourcing Decor

I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. I am in the process of changing my website and moving my domain name to my online that IT aspect of running a business is keeping me pretty busy.
Now, to continue on with the photo-shoot prep recap. After I placed the booking for the Gladstone Hotel, the next step was to source the decor elements for the photo-shoot. I asked if Cristina wanted to join me on the shopping trip, and she said yes. We spent a whole Saturday going from shop to shop. We were in: Mississuaga, Etobicoke, Downtown Toronto, and back to Etobicoke again. I picked up Cristina at 10:00am and dropped her back home at 6:00pm...yep, it was a full day of window shopping.
We managed to get a couple of samples of wallpaper as I knew I wanted to have wallpaper for the set. We saw a whole bunch of beautiful chairs and tables. I knew that I wanted a table and a chair in this set. I had already asked the lovely Connie from Connie Cupcake for some custom creations and I needed a table to place them on.
It's funny but the shopping trip did not yield anything other than reinforce the fact that I needed a chair, wallpaper, and table/s as part of the decor. I will blog about how I took another shopping trip and actually found items we did use for the shoot. For now, I'll share with you images of items and design ideas that did not make the cut. Please forgive my poor Blackberry images (my fault, not the phone's):
Antique Chair

Wallpaper Sample (turned out to be out of stock)

Chair 2

Birdcage and flowers
Image Credit: images are all shot with my Blackberry.

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