Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Cake!

I love wedding cakes. They are an easy way to express the couples wedding theme and personality. A cake's flavor and overall design says so much about the bride and groom. Sometimes a couple has so much personality that they have a groom's cake too! Have fun with this traditional wedding element; be creative!
Now, if you're thinking you can decide on a wedding cake flavor that will please your 150+ guests, forget it! That's impossible. What you need to do is choose a flavor you love first and foremost. No matter how hard you think you can, you will not decide on a flavor that all your 150+ guests will love. Therefore, the easiest people to please, are yourselves. After all, guests never attend a wedding hoping that the cake is in their favorite flavor. They expect  the element of surprise. They expect the element of you. If it really matters to you to cater to a variety of preferences, consider a dessert buffet table with common sweet treats such as: various cupcakes, macaroons, eclairs, tarts, pies, ice-cream, and even candy.

Here are cake inspiration boards I put together for you all. Oh, how I love cake :): 

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Image Sources: 1. Brides, 2. Perfectly Put Together, 3. Wedding Channel

Image Sources: 1. Wedding Channel, 2. Martha Stewart Weddings, 3.Martha Stewart Weddings

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  1. Hey Shay love the post!!
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