Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Brides - Toronto, Canada

Barbara contacted me a couple of months before her wedding to discuss the veil she wanted for her wedding. We met in person and had our casual bridal consultation at Starbucks. We had a long and girly chat about her wedding plans, her dress, and what she had in mind for her veil. I guess that's what I love about face to face bridal consultations; you get to see the excitement in the bride's eyes when she talks about her wedding plans, and fiance. 

After a few emails back and forth, Barb decided she wanted to go with a classic cathedral veil. I was ecstatic. It was my first cathedral length veil order. Her dress was beautifully embellished so I knew that the veil had to be understated so as not to over power her stunning dress. 

Barb got married this past summer; here's the lovely bride in her veil for you all to see:

Images: Via the bride

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