Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Featured Item]: "Bow" Shaped Fascinator

A few weeks back, I featured the first of four headpieces I created for a lovely group of ladies that attended a wedding this past summer. Today I'm featuring the second of those four pieces; it's a blue goose and peacock feather fascinator. 
I had a face to face consultation with Shannon a few weeks before the wedding. We talked about her outfit (which was a gorgeous royal blue knee-length lace dress) and how she wanted to complete her look with the perfect headpiece. She confessed that the Royal Wedding this past April had inspired her to wear a fascinator to the next wedding she went to. 
Shannon knew for certain that she wanted the fascinator to be royal blue just like her dress. She also expressed her desire for a bow shaped fascinator. With all the her wishes in mind, I started on her headpiece. I chose to use goose feathers as they are easy to work with and shape. I also knew I wanted to use a peacock feather as it has lovely shades of blue. To create texture, I used a bit of french netting and streams of Ostrich feathers. To top it all off, I also used a gorgeous crystal button to center and accent the "bow" fascinator. In the end, Shannon was pleased with it. Here's how it turned out:

Image credits: Photographs are taken by me using my Nikon D5100

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