Monday, April 30, 2012

Menu: Burgers & Fries

I think it's awesome that couples choose to have burgers and fries on their wedding menu. It's a great appetizer choice that guests are sure to love. 
The food served at your wedding can give your guests a sense of your: culture, personality, tradition, and background. Don't be afraid to put something as simple as burgers and fries on your menu. Most venues and caterers will dress up the burgers and fries and make them fit for a wedding :) Take a look at these:

Photo Credit: Laura  Novak
Photo Credit: Sargent Photography
Photo Credit: Heidi Ryder
Photo Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography
Photo Credit: Samuel Lippke Studios
Photo Credit: The Nichols
Photo Credit: Paige Elizabeth
Photo Credit: Steven Steinhardt

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