Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Posh Veils is for love.

Yesterday was an exciting day for Posh Veils. We embarked on a new project that entailed an adorable couple (actors) + The Ivy at Verity boutique hotel + Siana + lovely vintage dress + vintage jewelry + Posh Veils headpieces.  We shot our first "Love Story". It is so exciting!!! From the video, you will get the essence of what Posh Veils is about. The film embodies why we believe couples get married; for love.  I adore couples in love and gushing brides-to-be endlessly inspire me. 

I seriously can't wait to release the video when it's ready. Here is a shot of some awesome goodness you should expect: 
Photo Credit: Sharon's Blackberry. Yep, you better believe it :)

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