Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wedding Details - Fruit

It's always exciting to see how wedding stylists/planners/designers style centerpieces and place settings. They come up with the neatest and coolest ideas. 

Every year brings something new to the industry...something trendy or completely unique. Remember when mason jars were the IT item!? Every other wedding had a mason jar, clear glass or painted up. Loved that trend! However, trends die and we look for the next great creative idea.

One design element that I will never tire of, is fruit. Fruit creatively used throughout the wedding is timeless to me. 

Check out some of these fruity ideas: 

Photography: O'Malley Photographers
Photography: Sarah Box Photography
Photography: O'Malley Photographers
Photography: Heather Payne Photography
Photography: Belle And Beau Fine Art Photography
Photography: Katie Stoops Photography
Photography: Ashley Seawell Photography 

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