Monday, March 2, 2015

Blush Wedding Dresses

I have always loved the idea that a bride can wear whatever color dress she wants on her big day. Traditional restrictions of only white or ivory are long gone. Now, it's about choice, and personality preference. Well, that's if mommy or mommy-in-law approve that is :) 

I have always favored ivory over white. However, I am increasingly falling for blush. It is so dreamy and I die a slow and beautiful death whenever I see a real bride in blush. 

Here are gowns that give such a sweet sweet death :)  *death by prettiness*:
Photography: Jose Villa
Photography: Blaine Siesser Photography
Photography: Laura Murray Photography
Photography: Jose Villa
Photography: Caroline Tran
Photography: Melanie Duerkopp
Photography: Janine Deanna Photography


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