Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flower Bouquets

I love flower bouquets. I see them as any accessory you'd choose for your wedding look: shoes, earrings, necklace, etc. However, unlike your wedding shoes, and jewelry, the flower bouquet arrangement is usually based on the decor decisions and not your dress. The flowers that usually end up on your bouquet are probably the same type of flowers that you've chosen to use on the centerpieces at the church and/or the reception venue. 

Some brides choose to have an assortment of flowers and colors on their bouquet, and others choose to have one type of flower and one color scheme. Whatever you decide on, make sure the shape and size of the bouquet works well with your overall wedding look.

Here are gorgeous images of bouquets for your inspiration:
Image Credit: 1.Corbin Gurkin Photography       2.Heather Waraksa
Image Credit: 1.Joey Kennedy Photography     2.Heidi Ryder Photography
Image Credit: 1.KT Merry Photography      2.Mike Larson Photographers
Image Credit: 1.Mastin Studio Photography       2.Picotte Weddings Photorgraphy
Image Credit: 1.Gabe Aceves Photography     2.Gia Canali Photography
Image Credit: 1.Tanja Lippert Photography     2.What Shanni Saw Photography
Image Credit: 1.Stephen Pappas Photography     2.Theo Milo Photography

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