Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Real Posh Veils' Brides

2011 was a great year. I managed to create pieces for some amazing brides. I love what I do and I love making sure my brides are happy.  Here are images of some of the stunning brides I created for in 2011. I just know 2012 will be a great year! 
PS. A big thank you to all the beautiful brides that shared their images with me :)

Image Credit: Harvard Photo Wedding Photography - Simon Tanenbaum
Feedback from Colleen about her veil: 
"The veil was amazing, I loved wearing it!  I ended up using the flower for the reception and just the veil for the ceremony.  Would definitely recommend your veils to a friend: your promptness and service was excellent..."

Image Credit: Unveil Wedding Photography
Feedback from Andrea: 
"Hi sharon, The piece is wonderful. Thank you very much..."

Image Source: Provided by the bride
Feedback from Adanna:
"I was only about a month away from my wedding date when I contacted  Sharon at Posh Veils. She was extremely professional, very detailed  and informed me of all the necessary information I needed. I had  been searching for an inexpensive veil for months and when I came  across this veil, I fell in love. It was so couture and what I  pictured my veil to look like. I received the veil on time and it  was exactly as pictured. Since I have no need for the veil anymore,  I now use the rhinestone piece as a broach and still get compliments  from people till this day. Thank you Sharon for making me look gorgeous on my wedding day."

Image Credit: Claire Eliza Photography
Feedback from the Monique:
"The veil was perfect - I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it when I saw it on your website :-)..." 

Image Credit: Darren Hull Studios

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  1. Wow.. They are so gorgeous indeed. Their Veils to their fabulous get up. Wow. I'd love to look as beautiful as them on my wedding day.