Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding Personality

I think what makes a wedding special is the personality it has. I believe that the bride and groom should make it a point to let their personalities shine through on their big day regardless of: religion, tradition, and differing cultural or racial backgrounds. 

Everything I see at a wedding is a reflection of the couple's personalities: the color choice, the flower arrangements, the food, the type of music being played, the bridal attire, the venue...everything. I think that's why I love weddings so much; they're also a union of personalities.

You don't have to do what's trendy or popular. You only have to do what you're happy with. Basically, just do you. 

Here are some touches and elements seemingly ordinary that are an example of a couple's personality:

Image Credit: Adeline and Grace Photography
Image Credit: Carrie Patterson Photography
Image Credit: Frenzel Photographers
Image Credit: Justin & Mary Photography
Image Credit: Nashan Photographers
Image Credit: Milk Photography
Image Credit: Olivia Leigh Photographie
Image Credit: Stephen Pappas Photography
Image Credit: Warm Pears Photography
Image Credit: Orange Turtle Photography
Image Credit: We Heart Photography
Image Credit: What Shanni Saw Photography

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