Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wedding Flower Budget

If there's one item on your wedding budget your fiance probably cannot understand or belittles, it's your flower budget. He probably doesn't understand why you have to pay so much for something that will "just die".

Well, sadly, a lot of people, other than a fellow bride-to-be, and your wedding vendors will understand the importance of having flowers at your wedding. That's okay, you're not crazy.

If your favorite flower is too expensive, consider just using your favorite flower in your bouquet, and on your table only. Choose a more affordable and complementary flower for the rest of the decor and bridesmaids. A good florist will be happy to come up with alternative options.

I could stare at flowers and pictures of flowers all day. I LOVE flowers [insert girliest shriek here].

Check out these gorgeous free flowing and loosely structured bouquets. Aren't they lovely?

Photography: Jess Barfield Flowers: The Southern Table

Photography: Hello Blue Photo Flowers: Julep Bloom Design
Photography: Kayla Barker Flowers: Bows and Arrows
Photography: The Grovers  Flowers: Olive Willow Designs
Photography: Tenth and Grace  Flowers: Chloe & Mint
Photography: Katie Lopez  Flowers: Anthology Co.
Photography: Sawyer Baird  Flowers: Wrennwood Design
Photography: Michele Beckwith  Flowers: Aubriana Kasper Of The Bloomery Co

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