Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ceremony Decor

Walking down the aisle is something special. There's a feeling you get when you take that walk towards your soon to be husband, with a sea of loved ones and close friends looking over you. It's's really quite something special. I know some brides opt to elope or go for a court wedding, which is absolutely what love is all about...doing it your own way. You must and at all times love the way you love. There's no wrong or right way of celebrating your love. 
Anyway my dears, I thought I would share ceremony set-ups that I'm just dying over. Check these out:

Photo Credit: Hudson Nichols Photography
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Photo Credit: J. Nichols Photo
Photo Credit: Caroline Tran
Photo Credit: Corbin Gurkin
Photo Credit: Brett & Jessica
Photo Credit: Steve Depino
Photo Credit: Sara Hasstedt

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