Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Coral Tones

Happy Wedding Color Wednesday! Today we have coral and coral tones as our color. 
Coral is a GORGEOUS color that just livens everything up. I have a couple of brides using it as their wedding color this fall.
Have a look at these amazing coral inspirations.
Photo Credit: Elisabeth Millay Photography (left), Alea Lovely (right)
Photo Credit: Alea Lovely (left), Jenn & Dave Stark (right)
Photo Credit: Jenn & Dave Stark
Photo Credit:  Caroline Tran (left), Eli Murray Photography (right)
Photo Credit: Stephen Pappas (left),  Volatile Photography (right)
Photo Credit: Katie Vowels for Annie McElwain Photography
Photo Credit: Alea Lovely (left), Mirelle Carmichael (right)
Photo Credit: Erich McVey Photograph (left),  Jenn & Dave Stark (right)
Photo Credit: Unknown

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