Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesday: Brown

Happy Wedding Color Wednesday! Today's color is brown. I know a lot of people think of brown as a masculine color. However, depending on how it's used, brown can be soft, romantic and beautiful. It comes alive when paired with other colors. I love it most when it's paired with  ivory and a soft pink.
Take a look at how others did brown:
Photo Credit: Laurel McConnellPhotography (Left), Max Wanger (Right)
Photo Credit:Max Wanger
Photo Credit: Paperlily Photography (Left), Chyna Darner Photography (Right)
Photo Credit: Bella Signature Design
Photo Credit: Max Wanger (Left), Judy Pak Photography (Right)
Photo Credit: Austin Warnock Photography
Photo Credit: The Life You Love Photography (Left), JL Photographers (Right)
Photo Credit: Max Wanger

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