Thursday, March 22, 2012

With Love

You've probably noticed the never ending trend of vintage typewriters at weddings. I wonder who was the first person to think of using one as the "guest book" and as part of the wedding decor or theme..hmm? There's something about a typed out message on real paper that's sweet and heartfelt. Anyway, I think it's a genius idea that also photographs well.

Between you and me, I'd love a typewriter just to have and play around with and stare at. I think I'd be so inspired by it...who knows, maybe I'd end up typing the next great story that will then be turned into a movie :-)
Photo Credit: Love is a Big Deal
Photo Credit: Studio Castillero
Photo Credit: Katie Day
Photo Credit: Goudey Photgraphy
Photo Credit: Nickel Images

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  1. We are LOVING this post about type writers and absolutely feel the same way! Also love the post on Mismatching Bridesmaids