Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Color Wednesdays: Yellow

Happy Spring, lovely people!
I'm sorry that this is my first post this week. I've been focusing on creating new working relationships with people I admire and respect in the wedding industry. I love connecting with people that are creative and passionate about what they do. They inspire me.

Anyway,  today I want to start a posting I'll call:  Wedding Color Wednesdays. Each Wednesday, I'll pick a color and show you wedding elements in that color. I remember how hard it was to choose my wedding colors (gray and yellow) so I thought that it would be nice to showcase colors for you to consider.  I know there are tons of color inspiration boards out there but one more color inspiration from me is a good thing :)

Today's color is: YELLOW!!

Photo Credit: Linda Chaja
Photo Credit: Mi Belle Photography
Photo Credit: Courtney Jade Photography
Photo Credit: Simply Jessie Photography
Photo Credit: Aaron Snow Photography
Photo Credit: Olive Juice  Studio
Photo Credit: Callie V Photography
Photo Credit: Silvana Di Franco Photography
Photo Credit: Silvana Di Franco Photography

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