Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Divine Finger Foods

Bridal showers are fun. With delicious finger foods, they're even more fun! How food is plated makes a big difference on the overall experience of any event. Today, culinary art has truly become an art-work; I like to look at plated food and appreciate it like art-work by Monet or Vincent van Gogh . 

When planning a catered bridal shower, choose a caterer that focuses on both taste and visual appeal. The food sets the mood and tone for the event. Always choose food that goes with your bridal shower theme. Also, remember that the food your serve must coincide with the time of the event; egg salad sandwiches will not work for every bridal shower. Plan with your caterer and come up with a budget and a menu that will complement the time and theme for your shower. If the price per piece is too pricey, instead of cutting on the quality of the food, cut your guest list to people that mean the most to you. 

Here are finger foods to drool over:

Photo Credits: Dave Richards

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