Monday, April 11, 2011

Tips For The Bride

I remember the amount of work involved in planning my wedding in 2009. I had a list I would cross off every time I was certain an item was handled. Planning my wedding was a part-time job. If you scour the aisles of book stores, you will find wedding planning books that list what you need to cross off your list when. They are pretty useful in keeping you sane. To check them out click here.  There are also online software programs for planning your wedding. Martha Stewart's website is a great resource for planning and organizing your wedding. I remember using her seating chart software for my wedding too. 

Here are a few tips for the bride's wedding day look :

  • Buy the bra or bustier you're going to wear on your big day after you're sure of the style of dress you've picked. Take the bra with your to all of your dress fittings.
  • At all of your dress fittings, wear the shoes you're going to wear on your big day so that the dress is adjusted to suit the shoes you've chosen. If you going to change shoes, bring both pairs you're planning on wearing.
  • Allow your hairdresser to style your hair according to the style of your veil or headpiece. You do not have to buy a veil according to the hairstyle anymore. You can now style your hair around your must have headpiece. Choosing a hairstyle before your choose your veil or headpiece can limit you.
  • Do schedule a hair and make-up trial. Have it photographed so that you can look at it and see if you like it a week from when it was done. It will also work as a simple reminder. Do not be afraid to ask the make-up artist and the hairstylist to redo a look if you're not happy. They are supposed to find a look that works with your veil and that you are happy with.
  • If you're getting married in the summer time, don't have your make-up trial in the winter because in summer your skin tans and your skin tone becomes darker. Your make-up artist may need to use a shade darker to match the new tan. st has a shade darker than the one you used on the day of your make-up trial just in case.

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