Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oooh la la...shoes so pretty!

I love photographers! Well, I mean, I love great photographers; photographers that can capture an image that makes you want to laugh and weep, and wish you were their best friend. Yep, I stalk photographers in my spare time :)
When I look at a wedding album/gallery, I love to see the staples: the dress shot, the shoe shot, the ring shot, etc. I love how one photographer captures it differently from another. It's pure art [lets out a soft sigh]. Today I'm sharing shoe shots I went goo goo ga ga over. As always my loves, may you forever be inspired!
Photo Credit: Caroline Ghetes
Photo Credit: Loft Photographie

Photo Credit - Left: Chudleigh Weddings; Right: Annabella Charles
Photo Credit- Left: Ella Jae; Right: Natalie Franke

Photo Credit - Left: Nathan Abplanalp; Right: Nancy Ray
Photo Credit - Left: KT Merry; Right: Christie Pham

Photo Credit - Left: Michelle March; Right: Onelove Photography
Photo Credit - Left: Braedon Flynn; Right: Brklyn View Photography

Photo Credit - Left: Braedon Flynn; Right: Josh Gruetzmacher


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