Friday, February 22, 2013

Engagement Outfit Fridays: Jeans + Leather Backpack

Happy Friday my darlings! It's been a while since my last engagement session outfit suggestion. I missed it! It was so much fun putting together today's look for you :)
So...leather backpacks are back! I mean, I don't know if they ever really were a thing, but they're back!! I saw  some the other day in Forever 21 and I got all giddy and 14 again because that was the last time I was obsessed with leather backpacks.
Well, today's look is inspired by an artsy couple that loves photography, music, and enjoys checking out their local art scene. I went with angles. Check out the triangle shapes in the: collar of the blouse, earrings, ring, and bracelet. Totally love it!! Of course I had to include a backpack with this look. The whole outfit just screams sexy, fierce, and cool.

Preen silk top, 720 CAD / Etoile Isabel Marant faded jeans, 240 CAD / Rag & Bone suede booties, 500 CAD / Forever 21 backpack bag, 35 CAD / Michael Kors bangle watch, 355 CAD / Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle jewelry, 150 CAD / H&M bangle jewelry, 11 CAD / Pyramid jewelry, 225 CAD / Miss Selfridge triangle ring, 11 CAD / Heart shaped jewelry, 53 CAD / Long cross necklace, 7.61 CAD / Topshop genuine leather belt, 32 CAD / Tom Ford , 49 CAD / Guerlain , 32 CAD / Chanel , 325 CAD / Sephora Collection , 18 CAD

Theme Suggestion For The Outfit
I immediately knew the engagement session today's outfit would be perfect for...wait for it, wait for it...record store!!! I can totally see this super chic artsy girl with her handsome hubby looking through crates filled with old records [insert girly scream here].
Check out these incredible images by White Rabbit Studios for inspiration: 

Photo Credit: White Rabbit Studios
 ♥ Sharon

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