Friday, November 16, 2012

Engagement Outfit Fridays: Tweed + Boots

Happy Friday my pretties!! Today's winter engagement session outfit suggestion is inspired by the outdoors, campfires, and horseback riding. Basically, my ideal life...things I hope to do a lot of in the new year. Have I ever told you I love camping and the outdoors? Well, I do. I really really do :)
Don't you just love this look?

Theme Suggestion For The Outfit
The outfit totally screams campfire picnic. I totally see a couple riding horses and then cozying up by the fire as the sun goes down *sigh* Check out these incredible images for inspiration:

Photo Credit: Jamie Zanotti Photography.

Photo Credit: Jamie Zanotti Photography.
Photo Credit: Dixie Pixel .
Photo Credit: Unknown :(
Photo Credit:  Velvet Owl Photography

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