Monday, June 11, 2012

Cute Boutonniere You

I've come across some incredible boutonnieres that I just have to share with you.
Some of you may be wondering who gets a boutonniere? Well, there are no hard and fast rules. Traditionally, people that receive a boutonniere are: groom, father of the bride, father of the groom, grandparents, siblings of the bride and groom, and other male members of the family that you would like to honor. If your budget allows, you could give every male guest a boutonniere. If your budget is limited, I suggest that you give boutonnieres to a distinct few members of the family so that you avoid the chance of other relatives feeling hurt to be left out of it.

As always, may you forever be inspired.
Photo Credit: Elyse Hall  (Left), Lili Durkin (Right)
Photo Credit:Rebecca Wood  (left),  Alison Conklin Photography (Right)
Photo Credit: Brienne Michelle Photography  
Photo Credit:  Shea Christine (Left),  Charlotte Jenks Lewis (Right)
Photo Credit: Photography by Leah
Photo Credit: Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography (Left), Pomp and Splendour (Right)
Photo Credit: Amy Wellenkamp
Photo Credit: Aubrey Joy (Left),Sarah Rhoads (Right)
Photo Credit:The Nichols
Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio (Left), Nadia D. Photography (Right)
Photo Credit: First Comes Love Photo
Photo Credit: Simply Bloom Photography (Left), Carla Ten Eyck (Right)
Photo Credit: Lisa Boggs Photography
Photo Credit: Scott Clark (Left), Love Ala (Right)
Photo Credit: Amanda Wilcher

Photo Credit:  Jasmine Star  (Left), Aruna B. Photography (Right)
 ♥ Sharon

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