Friday, October 7, 2011

Choose Happiness

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If you're planning your wedding and you're following a couple of wedding blogs, are a member of a wedding forum or two and have a stack of wedding magazines and books. Congratulations, you're a full-time bride-to-be.
A huge part of wedding planning is looking at what others have done for inspiration. Brides-to-be spend a lot of time planning the wedding and work on making sure nothing goes wrong on the big-day. However, on the day of, certain things can go wrong. I remember for my wedding, numerous things did not go as I'd meticulously planned. The limo company called us to say that the vintage limo we'd booked had to be taken to the repair shop because something something wasn't working. I remember getting upset because the vintage limo COULDN'T be down because it was a big part of my whole 1950's wedding theme!

Here's advice I'm going to share with you. On the day of your wedding things can go wrong - small things or big things. What I want you to remember is to let it go. The day goes by so fast and you don't want to waste any moment of it mad and upset about the flowers or the seating arrangements or that your third cousing on you dad's side crashed the wedding. Choose to be happy. Ignore the things that go wrong and focus on the main thing - you're marrying the man your love.

You kow what, I get it. I get that a bride has every right to be upset and down right mad when something doesn't go according to plan on her big day. A lot of man-hours and financial resources go into planning a wedding. However, being mad or upset on your wedding day will not solve anything. It's your party and you have the choice to be happy. Choose happiness.

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